It's us, a couple of French photographers, a woman, a man, inspired by George Sand & Alfred de Musset, madly parisians, in the spirit of the times, together for the viewing pleasure, definitelty in love with beautiful things in life.

Our Wish

Offering a lovely experience to fuse skillfully our main hobbies and interests: Fashion, Happy Moments & Travels. Always dressed elegantly in white Color undoubtedly. As a lack of taste antidote, a peace agreement between Style, Memory and Love. 

Because a wedding is unquestionedably one of the happiest moments in a lifetime and too often a Hard Nut to Crack, with more or less existential questions, George&Alfred treats this "matter" with the utmost seriousness. 

Indeed, we do appreciate capturing love declined in all its forms, l’amour décliné sous toutes ses formes, for all ages in every key.

Our approach, Rare and unusual, is full of aesthetics, characterized by refinement and elegance but not joking with wedding institutions, we do really appreciate strong and powerful pictures. 

Our creed: To persist in finding Beauty in Life as details geniuses passionate about close observation of intimacy. 

Our Obsession, straight to the point

a beautiful picture, of course.  

A picture we will all be proud of with the true desire to move you.

A picture which remains, a valuable link between past and present,

Something which tells you a beautiful story. Your modern-day fairytale. A small fragment of your world, something deeply intimate with pure emotion.

 Like the childish "WHAT IF", mysterious and emotional, full of promesses and infinite possibilites.

Discret and non invasive photographers, 

we will be here and there by your side, capturing your emotions, with an easy, friendly, pleasant and not intruisive contact.

Our attitude will remain the same, whether Magnificent and prestigious parties or more intimate events, our goal is producing THE NICE SHOT, captured in an unexpected time in which infuses une infinite tenderness.

To create something heart-touching, very personal, precious, futile and essential at the same time, we love pinpointing the most lovely and interesting butterflies and make them confortable in front of our camera lens. Offering you possibility of BEING YOURSELVES With glitters

Our duet will sublimate all of your fantasies, tradition updated or assumed audacity, we want you funny, happy and joyful and we will help you with that.

From a exchange of vows in deepest secrecy with toes in the sand to a shabby chic wedding celebrated in French countryside, pictures will be superimposed for the magic to spread. YOUR MAGIC!

Do not hesitate to contact us to share your ideas, expectations, etc...

We would be deeply honored to capture your wedding day from the preparation of the bride to the festive part.

Wedding photographic report starting at 1595 €

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