A woman, a man, photographers in love, 

inspired by Alfred de Musset and George Sand, specializing in romantic escapes and high-end wedding in France and all-over the world.

Our History

At 79 year of age together (38 + 41) and already many lives behind us, we have accumulated the experiences in the media, personal shopping, fashion, artistic directorship, in short, many unpaved roads that make us who we are, human with instinct and really passionate about our job.

Through many travels, our respective itinerary offers a 360 degree look at a perpetual outflow of creativity.

Today, as photographers specializing in elopement, engagement and high end weddings in France and internationally , we have the heart to offer you an exceptional work founded on 4 main cornerstones: Luxury, Fashion, Wedding and Travel.

Under the eyes of our guardian angel, we tame the random events and follow the opportunities by combining the background and the shape: immortalizing your most beautiful feelings all over the word.

Our Services

Whether it’s your wedding or a romantic escape across a different Paris, George&Alfred will offer you a unique experience around,

a travel in time, 

a custom made photo session with a certain immoderation,

George&Alfred have in heart to give you an excellent and unique service far from the standard.

We know how to read and tell the human as a person – around a story of shared sensitivity

An elopement session or a wedding with George&Alfred, it’s a guarantee of a different look under the sign of chic and beautiful.

A unique stop over in the bold territory,

A condensed session of the time,

Scenographers of intimacy, diffusers of poetry, unique story tellers, 

we bet everything on the moment of truth and the unique memory to create the photo that will remain the surprise and the emotion.

Our Skills

A passionate creativity, an elastic curiosity, a fruitful enthusiasm- a guarantee of good taste!

Let yourself be photographed by our care, day or night,

 inside or outside around and experience that will make you feel good through beauty.

It’s being often said that the style is intuitive, innate but is being cultivated by the significant length of time

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